As soon as I opened the door at the Washington house, Kendall ran up and gave me a huge welcoming hug!!!  She was wearing her purple polka dotted robe and still getting her hair styled.  Coming back to photograph Ms. Kendall is like going to see family for the holidays.  We have a ritual now.  Around Christmas time, we get to kinda play dress up and take a few pics of the parents too.   And she tells me about how she loves math and  how well she is doing in school.  Santa Claus is definitely coming this year.

christmas family photos IMG_6253 IMG_6262

Christmas family photos IMG_6300 two

Christmas family photos

Christmas family photos IMG_6320 IMG_6343 IMG_6347-2 IMG_6407

Those EYES!!!!!
Christmas family photos IMG_6435

Christmas family photosChristmas family photos

Christmas family photos jump

Christmas family photos IMG_6526 IMG_6532 IMG_6536 IMG_6547 IMG_6574So much fun!! Thank you Kendall and the Washington Family!!