What an extreme pleasure to celebrate a ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY!! It has to be the best birthday EVER…… I loved watching Brionna and her proud parents celebrate this special occasion.  She is such a happy baby! We also got her in her 1st Halloween costume.  I don’t think a lion could be any cuter than this!  IMG_6037 IMG_6034 IMG_6031 IMG_6023-2 IMG_6022-2 IMG_6013-2 IMG_6008-2
IMG_5994-2 IMG_5989-2

This shot was taken with a baby in one arm.   I was pretty proud of myself for pulling that one off.  I have to thank Gabriel for helping me build up “Mommy arms.” 🙂

IMG_5979 IMG_5966
IMG_5941 IMG_5937 IMG_5935 IMG_5909 IMG_5904 IMG_5881 IMG_5880 IMG_5879 IMG_5872 IMG_5867 IMG_5865 IMG_5853 IMG_5845 IMG_5842 IMG_5839 IMG_5838 IMG_5801 IMG_5790 IMG_5787 IMG_5779 IMG_5767 carrollton photography