Gabriel Muldoon

Gabriel is turning one year on Monday!  We are all amazed at how big he is and what a personality he has developed.  I have to admit that I haven’t been great at keeping track of all of his little nuances and behaviors.  But, I wanted to give a good update for his birthday.  Since he can not talk yet, he spends most of the time whining and pointing at everything that he wants.  Its clears that he understands us because I will mention… say the kitty… and he will point at the cat.  He also has this little endearing coo when he’s proud of himself or when he sees daddy or is feeling affectionate.  When he is pleased with a particular food, he chews smiling with  a “nom… nom… nom.”  Gabriel is a very affectionate baby.  He loves to be held and hugged.  When he meets other people, he demands eye contact.  His way of kissing is to put his head on yours covering you with lots of boogers and drool.

sock monkey

Gabriel loves every animal and creature that we put in front of him.  He will grab the animal and squeeze it with a big hug.  I have caught him on many occasions touching a stuffed animal’s nose and talking baby talk to it.  One day he had them all lined up and was “talking” to each one.  Speaking of stuffed animals, the most memorable one will probably always be the “Sock it to Me” Monkey.  I bought this sock monkey for Conor for Valentine’s day when Gabriel was only five months old.  The monkey sings Dynamite by Taio Cruz.  If you don’t think you know the song, you probably do cuz they play it constantly.  When Gabriel presses the little monkey’s hand, it starts dancing and so does he!  His moves involve a kind of squat in a circular motion that is definitely on beat.  His favorite thing to do now is walk around with one hand gripping  Taio the Sock Monkey’s head and another hand squeezing the monkey’s hand which turns him on and off in typical DJ style and placing him on every surface he can find.

Feeding is another experience.  Gabriel has gotten pretty picky with his palette, just like his mommy!  He will want something if I’m eating it.  But, he prefers to feed himself.  We’ve had to appease him with foods that are self involved like fruit pouches and vegetable puffs.

He has quite a sense of humor.  Things that make Gabriel giggle uncontrollably are mostly Daddy’s antics, sticking his hands in our mouth,  feeding me, brushing my teeth, peek-a-boo, and chasing him around the house.  I look at him and think how did I ever live without him.  I can’t imagine not having this baby in my life.  He drives me crazy and he makes me melt with joy.  I know his Daddy feels exactly the same way.  When he was born, we loved him just because.  But now, we love who he IS and who he is becoming…

Happy birthday Mr. Gabriel!! Stay tuned for cake smash with Elmo and girlfriend!!

gabriel drummer