For those of you interested in pixel peeping and resizing images in Photoshop, I’ve conducted an experiment.  Two years ago, I wrote a post explaining the whole resolution, megapixel, resizing thing.  I did a test yesterday for no reason other than to satisfy my own obsessed curiosity. When resizing images in Photoshop for web, I’ve always checked the button that says Resample Image (Bicubic Sharper – Best for Reduction.)  I’ve always done this for 2 reasons.  #1.  I heard it in my Digital Imaging Class in college.  And #2.  It just makes sense-right?  I mean, I am making the image smaller after all.

Bicubic sharper

Well, now that I have advanced more in my decision making process of photography, I questioned my reasoning.  When I first started shooting, I did what everyone else said to do.  Because it is technically right.  Or because it follows the RULEs. Or because I said so….dang it! But, now I do things because I like the way it looks.  So I’ve had to go back and figure out why I started some of these crazy habits to begin with and make sure that I’m doing them because I WANT TO and not just because it is the RULES!! I never really liked rules anyways.

So I did a little test….. Tee hee hee…  Here are two images.  On the first one, I left the default settings of Resample Image at Bicubic (best for Smooth Gradients) See below:

Bicubic smooth

Here is the results:


Now compare to the next image where I selected Bicubic Sharper.


You can definitely see a difference around the eyes and the lines of the shirt.  The image tends to pop more!!  I still think this is a matter of taste.  Maybe, I don’t necessarily want the sharper defined look.  Maybe the feeling I’m trying to portray is more soft.  Then I will probably go with the former option.  So glad that I can deduct from my own reasoning now these decisions instead of just blindly following the masses.

Thank you pixel peepers!