Mr. Gabriel was invited to two birthdays in one day!! Not only was it his first time to even go to a birthday party.  But, we also experienced cupcakes for the first time, which was, um, interesting.

Birthday Party #1: Julien turned 4.  Julien is precious to me as he belongs to one of my most loyal friends.  And….  I get to photograph him on a semi-regular basis.  This party was at Sandy Lake Amusement Park and it was all about Spidermans, Racecars, and trains.  This is Julien showing me his Racecar tattoo:

Then we got on the carousel for the first time.  It was o.k. at first, and then I think Gabe was a little scared of these horses.  They are kinda freaky looking if you think about it.

Gabriel instigated everyone playing in the rocks. Total boy stuff.

Then, we had cupcakes.  I think Gabe is more interested  in playing with his food right now then eating it.

Best birthday ever for JULIEN!!!!!

Then…on to the next party.  Kysa turned TWO!!!! Gabe got to meet more little girls at this party which was at the Little Gym in Southlake.  He has his eye on one in particular.  The beautiful blonde, shown here:

So I sat Gabe next to his new friend and they played footsies.  Of course, they wouldn’t do it when I pulled the camera on them.  But, he watched her very intently and ended up learning how to use a straw!!!

What a great day!! Gabriel came home from the little gym and started walking!! I was so impressed that Conor and I signed him up for the Little Birdies classes every Wednesday. Gabriel’s 1st birthday party will be coming up before you know it!!