I had the extreme pleasure of photographing Yujie & Mike’s engagement session at the Grapevine Lake.  When I first arrived at their house, Yujie offered to play the piano for me. I was blown away by her skills.  If only I could capture the sound of music through the lens. But, this was my best effort:

I then asked the couple to just have a seat in the living room so that I could capture a moment between them in their every day surroundings:

Naturally, their kitty wanted to be front and center in the shot. And as I’m a huge cat fan, I had to give her some time:

Then we arrived at the Grapevine Lake and so did the storm clouds, which actually made for some pretty incredible imagery.  Mike loves his Mustang…..almost as much as his lovely fiance.  So he wanted to make sure that we got some portraits with the “car.” And of course, I am game for this too.

At this point, the rain started. I thought we might have to come back another day. But, fortunately, it passed through rather quickly.  AND because of it, I was able to capture some fun moments waiting in the Mustang:

Lake Grapevine-1

Lake Grapevine-2

Lake Grapevine-3

Lake Grapevine-4

Look at those cloud formations.  They were this surreal blue!

Lake Grapevine-5

Yujie’s dress was so pretty.  Chinese fashion is absolutely stunning and I was so grateful that she wore it on the shoot.

Lake Grapevine-6

Lake Grapevine-7

Lake Grapevine-9

Lake Grapevine-10

Lake Grapevine-11

This was great because Yujie said that her cake topper actually has the groom dipping the bride.  I was not aware of this.  I just thought it would be fun for him to dip her over these rocks.  This kind of synchronicity is why I love photography so much and being able to tell this couple’s story:

Lake Grapevine-13

Lake Grapevine-14

Lake Grapevine-15

Lake Grapevine-16

Lake Grapevine-17

Lake Grapevine-18

Lake Grapevine-19

Lake Grapevine-20

I really loved my test shots of Yujie.  She is so adorable!Mustang-Engagement-1








What a fun couple! I can not wait for the wedding day!!!