I’ve been photographing little Ms. Kendall for almost 3 years now.  I have to say…I’ve become a little attached to this little girl.  She’s turning into quite a beautiful young lady.  And she has a HUGE personality…. Love that about her!! Happy birthday Ms. Kendall. Here are my favorites from her recent swim party:

I made these cards for Kendall’s guests so that they could find their photos after the party. I try to do this for all the events that I shoot.

I get pooped like this from swimming too. 🙂

Kendall’s dad, Mr. Washington, singing “Happy birthday!”

This was me recording a birthday message for Kendall:

Good job preparing food for all these kids!!

Every child received a lei at the end of the party.

I loved this little girl’s robe.  She was super cute!!

What a wonderful party Sharon put together for her daughter.  There was so much thought and effort put into it.  This was the best day ever for Kendall, for sure!