Kamielle and Marlon’s wedding was on a beautiful, hot, sunny day on July 7, 2012.  It was an extreme honor and pleasure to serve them on their wedding day.  They were married in the Church of Christ located  in Oak Cliff.

The groom Marlon:

Surrounded by all his fellows.  I told him that it must feel good to know that all these men literally “got your back” on this special day.

And the beautiful bride, Kamielle:

Her maid of honor had the cutest Hello Kitty phone.

The ring bearer:

The singers.  These two are extremely talented.  They had me bawling during the ceremony. (Yes, I cry at these things too…..)

I loved these two shots that my assistant, Heather Van der dys got of the bridesmaids going out to take photos:

The shoes!!!!

And finally we got dressed:

The mother of the bride. You can see where she gets her beauty from:

One last shot before ceremony.

Doesn’t Kamielle remind you of a beautiful African American Audrey Hepburn princess?  The gloves were such a nice finishing touch.

The ceremony was so amazing.  I wish I could have captured that feeling that was happening at this very moment.  It was complete, dead silence the few minutes right before Kamielle walked in with her father.  I truly felt God’s presence in this church right before the door swung open.  I was in tears when I saw her.

Marlon seeing his beautiful bride for the first time:

I loved this shot after the ceremony. Do you think their might be kiddos in Kamielle and Marlon’s future?

Marlon reflecting on his day.

Shot by Heather Van der dys

Shot by Heather Van der dys

Thank you both for allowing me to capture the love between the two of you!! Unfortunately, I had to leave the ceremony early from a  bad case of food poisoning mixed with heat exhaustion.  My incredibly talented assistant, Heather, saved the day!!! Thank you Heather!!  You are a life saver!!!