Dreamfocusstudio.com has had a facelift! I wanted to update my website to not only give it a fresh new look.  But, I wanted to offer new functions and more galleries to show more variety of what I DO…  I hope you like it!

dreamfocus studio home

I added more galleries to show the variety of work that I do including a “Work” section.  This highlights business headshots and other work related portrait needs.  I tend to photograph a lot of creative folks: musicians, artists, poets, etc.  But, you’ll notice some more formal professional types as well.

Dreamfocus Studio Galleries

I especially wanted to add a section for photobooths.  Photobooths are a service that I have been offering for a long time, at least 6 years.  In fact, I guess I’ve done more photobooths then probably anything else.  So, I really wanted to showcase this service.  First of all, you may be asking what is that?  I say photobooth, but, I don’t actually mean that I haul in a big box for you to go in behind the curtain.  I actually setup a studio space inside the event itself.  They are incredibly fun and entertaining…. Check out my photobooth section here.


And I am VERY excited to announce that I’ve linked my Google Calendar so that clients can see the dates that are booked or open.  This helps me to streamline my scheduling.  🙂

Dreamfocus Studio Google Calendar

Also, I’ve redesigned my logo and blog.  Dreamfocus studio is about focusing on dreams and the creativity of your life. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and site.

Love and light!!