It was so hard narrowing down the photos that I took on this vacation. We all went to see my Dad at his new condo in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Yes, Alabama has a beach!! And it was so beautiful.  Gabriel really enjoyed the sand.  When we first arrived, Gabe got a brand new toy that he really loved:

The view from my Dad’s balcony:

Gabe was the center of attention and he really warmed up to my Dad.  It’s almost like he KNOWS that his grandfather.

More shots of Gabe with another new toy made by Conor.  We were taught this little nifty invention by a waitress at IHOP.  It’s made with plastic straws – keeps him busy for hours.

And then to the BEACH!!

Gabe was making us all laugh scrunching his nose in the sun.

I love this little cloud…

Conor’s new cookie monster shirt.  Gabe was a little confused seeing the cookie monster merged with Daddy…

And Grandma Mary Ann was really charmed by Mr. Gabriel.

My Dad also loves to take pictures.  He’s pretty good at it too.

Then we decided to check out the pool. It was fairly cold so we just laid out near the water.

On the last day, we all went out to the lagoon to chase the sunset.

Gabriel makes friends with everyone, particularly furry ones.

Bye bye sweet home Alabama!!