Sharing the day with Kristi and Marcus was a complete joy.  I was so honored that they chose me to photograph their unique love story.  The two were first loves reunited.  A true example of, “If you love someone, set them free & if they return, it was meant to be.”  Marcus said he always knew that he loved Kristi even after they went separate ways as youth.  You can completely see it in his eyes every time he looks at her.

 The ceremony was held at the beautiful First United Methodist Church in Historical  Mckinney.

The light was amazing in the bride’s dressing area.  I took advantage of every bit of it.

Marcus’ son and best man, Austin:

Marcus kept his flip flops on to the last minute.

Kristi’s dress was absolutely stunning.  It was altered by my favorite lady, Nancy at Gowns of Grace. I thought the empire waist looked incredible on her.

Kristi said that the most important shot to her was Marcus’ look on his face when he saw her.  This is ALWAYS my favorite image too.  I love what I was able to capture at that moment:

See what I mean? He is totally smitten with her and it was so beautiful to be a witness to their unity.

The architecture in the First United Methodist Church was extremely fun to capture.

And perfect LIGHT outside….

Kristi took advantage of the day and posed on Marcus’ prized possession.

Reception at Ruggeri’s Ristorante Italian……mmmm mmmm.

This is the two of them at Homecoming 1978!!!! So freaking cute….

Flash forward, today… This was one of my favorite’s.  The bartender allowed me to get his point of view.

My official seat!!

Everyone at the wedding was pretty much married including me and my assistant.  So, the couple just took off the garter all by themselves.  It was really cute…

I loved this shot of Austin snuggling with his girlfriend during the cake cutting..

There is something truly magical about these two!!

I’m so so so happy for them…<3