I was honored to be able to extend the service of my passion to Ashley and Prince. Richard Prince has been a great friend of my husband for many years.  Prince was a highlight at our wedding when he sang one of my favorite songs which is in fact an original of his!! Here are the highlights from their AMAZING wedding!

Ashley’s decor, turquoise and purple, was done by Zee Higgins.

Richard’s lovely daughter getting ready:

My husband was one of the nine grooms men!!! Doesn’t he look great in purple? 🙂

Ashley adorned her shoes with sparkle gem magic…..

The lovely bride getting ready…

A shot of Carla, one of my other shooters.  I’m so proud of her progress and she really loves weddings!!!  We plan to work more together in the future.

I love this shot of this one little curl hanging down on Ashley’s hair.

Richard waiting for his lovely bride….

I love this shot of Ashley being crowned by all the ladies.

Richard serenaded his lovely bride down the aisle.  We were all in tears…

Richard loves the camera… He stopped in the middle of the wedding to flash a grin.  I was cracking up at this shot…

The first dance included Richard’s daughter.

Richard had the longest garter toss I have ever witnessed.  It was more like a performance to Cameo’s “Candy.”

Conor and I were so glad that we were able to be there for these two on their special day.  Congratulations!!

Go check out Prince’s organization: www.buildingbetterfathers.net