I took on a project about 6 months ago out of complete love and admiration!! My husband allowed me to design his website from scratch. Conor Muldoon, my husband, one of the most patient people I have ever met.  As it took me forever to complete this project and I’m still not finished! I have found that to be a great ceramic artist, one must have incredible patience.  I have watched the ceramic process from beginning to end and I’m fascinated with his talent and persistence within it.

The website is:  http://mudman-studios.com

Here is a sneak peak: 
Mudman Studios

The site is a work in progress.  Conor wanted to make it educational as well as be an online portfolio.  So we are hoping to be adding videos of firing techniques and more in the future.  I also need to add more photos of his more current works.

Here is his latest work, “Seahorse Garden” photographed at the Kessler.

Seahorse Garden