Last year, Dreamfocus Studio decided to annually donate services to various non-profit organizations. This year, I choose The Vision House, transitional housing for men and women who have been impacted by drugs and alcohol abuse and the illicit sex industry. We went to the main female house and provided photo shoots to all of the ladies living there. “Photo therapy” is part of my personal mission in helping others see themselves as they truly are….beautiful, radiant, beings (flaws and all.)  The girls were amazing!!

Tabitha Pennon started the house in 1999 after many years of of substance abuse counseling.  Our paths have actually crossed more than once…as we soon realized.  Tabitha’s “vision” came to her at the age of 7 years old when she decided that she wanted to ““help people who had a hard time finding a place to live.”  Tabitha is an inspiration to all of us to pursue our lifelong calling.  I believe that we all have one and she made hers happen.

Tabitha Pennon

Tabitha Pennon and her daughter

Divas of Vision house

Divas of Vision House

My faithful assistant, Tiffany Lucio

Chera Center also assisted