I’m so bad about writing blog entries.  It has taken me forever to get around to writing about this one woman.  However, I’m glad I waited because the one turned into two….. Here are two of my clients who have recently inspired me:

Fatimah Reaves

I met Fatimah a year ago at an Artlovemagic event.  She stumbled into my photobooth and had such a good time that she decided to hire me for her birthday party that she was throwing for HERSELF!!!  She said …I’m turning 40 and in the words of Diana Ross,  “I’m coming out!! ” I thought to myself, I like this chick.  She cares enough about herself to treat herself right and doesn’t wait around for someone else to do it for her.  I found out that she was also an art teacher and an amazing artist!! No wonder…we were connected…

Fatimah's disco party

Fatimah’s disco party

The following year, Fatimah hired me again to shoot some portraits of her for her birthday. She said it was her birthday present to ….…..HERSELF!  What woman does this?  I thought.  I’ve been in business for awhile but it is rare that a woman wants to pose for photos.  I, myself, have issues with it so…I totally understand.

I asked her to tell my why she does  this and this is what she said:

Here I am.  On top of the world!  Two weeks before the wedding, the lies began to unravel…the unraveling leads to the ultimate betrayal.  You guessed it.  Do I stay, get married and work it out or do I walk away? We had a life planned together.   I had money, time and my whole heart invested in this… My heart ached but my head said…Fatimah you don’t deserve this. So, I walked away.  I love myself too much to be treated any less.   It’s been an uphill battle to be a better me and not bitter about what happened.     So now, I celebrate me.  I celebrate that I am a survivor and I’m better because of my experiences, good and bad.  I celebrate that God loves me and created me for a reason…he loves me just as I am…flaws and all.  He’s blessed me, provided for me, and most of all, he has gifted me to create…i am appreciative. What have you gone through?  What have you survived? And now, how will you celebrate the fact that you are still here?

Fatimah's art

Fatimah’s art

Then, I met:

Jesika Gillett

I also met Jesika a year ago at a photobooth for Chase Oaks Church.

Jesika had never taken professional photos and although nervous about how it was all going to turn out, she walked through the fear and did it anyways.

And… the results were incredible!! Her images came out so beautiful and we both had a lot of fun too.  By the end of the day, I think Jesika also realized that the camera can be your friend.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.
Lucille Ball