I myself do nothing. The Holy Spirit accomplishes all through me.-William Blake

Recently, I was asked to speak at the Mesquite Creative Arts Group. The group of creatives meets monthly to discuss different mediums in the arts. This was the first time ever that they heard from a professional photographer, moi. I always feel lifted up when speaking on my favorite topic-PHOTOGRAPHY. Since it has changed my life….I know, if given a chance, it can change others!!

The group was very gracious and caught on very easily to the concepts that I was covering. Their oldest member is in her 90’s with an affinity for bluebonnets, which she paints quite amazingly. They have a contest every month which keeps the group challenged creatively.

Upon leaving, I noticed that the youngest member had left me a gift of art on my whiteboard. I had to capture it in order to preserve the special day.

If you are interested in demonstrating or becoming a member of this group, you can find out more information on the City of Mesquite website.