Studio 109 Bloodstream

The final showing for “Bloodstream” will be happening this Saturday night at Studio 109.  Conor, my husband, and I both have a couple of pieces in the show.  The idea was to give our interpretation of Valentine’s Day.  While Conor has some amazingly beautiful hand-crafted “his and her” coffee mugs…..I choose to explore the dark side of Valentine’s Day as suggested by the gallery owner, Melody Hay.  Below is a couple of my images displayed in the show.  The piece below was originally created about 5 years ago for an entirely different project led by David Rodriguez called, “Angels and Nightmares.”  This is a total visual interpretation of my inner demons that plague all of us on a sometimes daily basis.  I took a concept that I was totally inspired by……THE BIRDS.  Usually, I view birds as heavenly creatures that resemble freedom from worry and a number of things.  So, I thought it was necessary to take that idea and turn into something quite evil.  Since my own inner Self has been known to play these kind of tricks.  Has your mind ever taken something so amazingly pure and right and turned it against you?  This is the worst kind of trickery of Self and I hope that the piece I created gets that feeling across…..




Sherry Muldoon Photography