Recently, I had the opportunity of working with Tricia Hine from Ari Designs.

Tricia Hines

I have to say that this one of the most creative headshot sessions that I’ve had the chance to do.  Headshots are typically boring for me.  But, working with Tricia was a breath of fresh air.  She wanted her  images to reflect who she was.  We share a love of birds so we incorporated a lot of these into the shots. I absolutely love co-creating with people that have these type of visions. Tricia said that she always knew that she would be working in accessories.  She’s passionate about it and exceptionally good at it too!!

Ari Purse Hooks come in a variety of styles.  What are purse hooks you ask?  Well, the new idea is that you’re out in public and you don’t want to put your handbag on the floor, especially in a public place.  With these purse hooks, you can stylishly hang your bag off of  any table.  Tricia even offers custom-made purse hooks.  So, if you want to put your own logo on there, it is possible!!!  To see the rest of her designs and styles…..check out


ari purse hooks