Here is a visual illustration that I created for “The Photography Experience” Workshop on August 22nd, 2010.  I tend to think of things in colors…..imagine that.  So I created this reference to think about ISO, which is your camera’s sensitivity to light, in a visual way.  The white represents lots of light and the black is very little light.  White also in this instance means more vibrant colors.  Therefore, you may shoot on a low ISO at night but, you will probably need a tripod.  I hope this helps……


Here is an example of a shot I took outside of the Belmont Hotel.  I used the window as my tripod.  Sometimes you just don’t have those kind of things handy.  I still got a little bit of shake from pressing the shutter.  If I had to redo this shot, I would have probably played around with my shutter speed a little bit more.  But, the settings are ISO 100, F/5, and shutter speed 1/30.